Sheep and Goat Production Handbook for Ethiopia

Edited by
Alemu Yami and R.C. Merkel

Produced by:
Ethiopia Sheep and Goat Productivity Improvement Program (ESGPIP)

Funded by:
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Implementing partners:
Prairie View A&M University, Texas, USA;
American Institute for Goat Research of Langston University, Oklahoma, USA;
Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ethiopia

Handbook PDFs

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Chapter 1 - Economic Significance of Sheep and Goats
Chapter 2 - Breeds of Sheep and Goats
Chapter 3 - Sheep and Goat Production systems in Ethiopia
Chapter 4 - Sheep and Goat Management
Chapter 5 - Reproduction in Sheep and Goats
Chapter 6 - Genetic Improvement of Sheep and Goats
Chapter 7 - Nutrition and feeding of Sheep and Goats
Chapter 8 - Forage Development for Sheep and Goats
Chapter 9 - Sheep and Goat Flock Health
Chapter 10 - Sheep and Goat Products and By-Products
Chapter 11 - Sheep and Goat Economics of production and Marketing
Chapter 12 - Sheep and Goat Meat Characteristics and Quality
Chapter 13 - Records and Record Keeping
Complete Handbook